Cape Netwrap

Pallet Netwrap



Designed as a superior alternative to Stretch Film, our Pallet Netwrap protects food, fruit and vegetables, flowers and turf while in transport.

Pallet netwrap is available as Standard or Stretch.  The Stretch Pallet Netwrap stretches 35 – 40% and has built in memory.

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to handle

  • Simple to dispose of

  • Fully protective



Provides air circulation and is recommended for packaging of Turf, Produce, Fruits and Flowers

Pallet Netwrap is an efficient and cost effective solution to condensation formation on the inside of Stretch Film which is a problem when packaging products where temperature is an important factor.

Pallet Netwrap provides a well ventilated enclosure to cure or cool down, while providing stable individual pallets.

By eliminating the condensation the wrapped goods stay fresher longer.

Netwrap is easily applied with Hand Wrapping or Stretch Wrapping equipment.

Netwrap Turf